Endocrinology and Diabetes

Obesity and weight management

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital weight management service

    We have a specialist Weight Management Clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital, which is made up of specialist doctors, a clinic nurse, a social worker, a dietitian, and a psychologist. We also have the input of many other specialized staff members who are involved in research projects that are looking into childhood overweight and obesity.

    Referral to a specialist clinic like our Weight Management Service may be warranted in cases of severe and/or progressive obesity, early onset obesity, suspicions of an underlying medical problem, and/or when there is the presence of weight-related complications.

    Our objective

    In general, we aim to maintain a child’s weight over a period of time so that, with normal increases in height, the weight falls back into the healthy weight range. For some children/adolescents with severe obesity, a degree of weight loss may be required to keep them healthy. The Weight Management team primarily aims to encourage, educate and empower families to lead to improved lifestyle change.