Tips to keep your learning on track whilst absent from school

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    School and learning may not be the first things you think about when someone says ‘hospital’. But if you’re in hospital for long periods or have to come in for regular treatment, you can still keep the brain turning over.

    You might not know it but you are learning all the time! Your hospital stay might provide you with some really valuable learning experiences!!

    Before you come to hospital

    Contact your teachers. Give them some warning that you’ll be away. Ask them about some learning activities for you to do while you’re not in the classroom.

    Bookmark your school site. Make sure you’ve got your school website or intranet bookmarked as a favourite. Then you can check in to see what is happening at school or login to access or download class activities.

    Borrow some audio books. Visit your school or local library and take out some audio books. They’re great if you don’t have the energy to read but love a good story.

    When you’re in hospital or recovering at home

    Get the gossip. Ask friends to visit and fill you in on what’s happening at school.

    Bring it all in. There will be plenty of time to read. So bring in some of your textbooks and anything else you’ve been meaning to read. There are also other things that you can use to help pass the time, like a laptop, webcam, magazines, DVDs and electronic games.

    Meet the teacher. Make sure you meet the RCH teacher on your ward. They can:

    • work with you to develop an Individual Learning Plan
    • help you work towards some of your learning goals
    • help you with the school work you’ve brought in
    • suggest some other learning activities
    • facilitate group learning sessions
    • provide educational advice and support
    • arrange for you to access the internet
    • help you to set up an email account (if you don’t already have one).

    Join in.  Look into the projects and activities that RCH teachers and other young people are running on your ward.

    Write it down. Start a journal about your hospital experience. Later on it could turn into a piece of writing for school.

    Collect some signatures. Get your visitors to sign a book or poster or leave you a message.

    Make it work. Collect all the work you do in hospital and take it back to school. You might be able to use it for a school project or assignment. Transition@RCH has examples of how you can use your hospital experience to meet the requirements of VCE/VCAL.