About the Create Explore Learn App

  • An app for young artists and learners

    Discover the art and animals of The Royal Children’s Hospital


    The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne is home to some wonderful features and special creatures that help to make the hospital an exciting and uplifting place for children and families.

    With mischievous meerkats, a kaleidoscopic tropical aquarium and a friendly ‘Creature’ that stands four storeys tall, the hospital is a place where healing and learning can happen side by side.

    With the generous support of Amalgamated Holdings Limited, The RCH Education Institute and Media Saints have created this app to share the hospital’s unique art and design with children in homes and schools all around the world.

    We encourage you to use your imagination to create your own wonderful artworks, to explore the vibrant spaces and places of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and to learn about the artists, designers, zoo keepers and divers who all contribute to make the RCH a truly great hospital.

    Getting started

    The Royal Children’s Hospital is home to some amazing animals and artworks. Can you find the 5 special features hidden in the app? Slide your fingers across the app home screen to explore the exciting world of the RCH. Once you have found all 5 zones, a button for each of them will appear on the app home screen next time you open it, so you can return to your favourite activities again and again!



    Meerkat Enclosure

    Discover how meerkats live at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). Improve your meerkat knowledge with interesting meerkat facts. See how the zoo keepers from Melbourne Zoo prepare special meals for the meerkats and deliver them to the hospital on bicycle.


    The Games Children Play Tapestry

    Learn how artist Robert Ingpen and weavers at the Australian Tapestry Workshop created this stunning tapestry and discover the Renaissance-era painting that inspired it. See the skilful weavers at work and explore games of the past that are still played today.


    RCH Aquarium

    Dive into the RCH aquarium and discover the different species of tropical fish that swim inside it. See the specialist divers feed the fish and clean the aquarium to keep the fish healthy and happy. Learn interesting facts about marine creatures from the world’s oceans.

    sky garden

    Sky Garden

    Learn how artist Jade Oakley transformed the “Sky Garden” mobile from  a small-scale prototype made with feathers and paper into a huge sculpture made of spray-painted aluminium. Watch Jade and her team of assistants hang the magnificent "Sky Garden" at The Royal Children's Hospital.



    See how artist Alexander Knox and his team of construction workers used cranes to hoist the enormous sculpture "Creature" into place at The Royal Children's Hospital. Discover other "big things" in Australia and around the world.