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Bioethics E-Conference: Ethical Reflections on COVID-19 in Paediatric Healthcare (2-4 September 2020)

  • The COVID-19 global pandemic has sharpened focus on a number of ethical issues in healthcare that are barely noticed in more usual times. Having to think about these issues has been challenging to our understanding of our values and responsibilities. We have had to contemplate decisions most of us would never have expected to face. How have we had to change the way we think? How has COVID-19 changed the way we provide care to children and families? How has COVID-19 changed us?

    The Children's Bioethics Centre heartily thanks all delegates for joining our 3-day e-conference which was so incredibly well attended. There were so many wonderful and thoughtful sessions which triggered a wide range of discussions, questions and comments shared throughout the conference.

    For registered delegates who missed any sessions, the video recordings are now available. You will have received an email with the link to the showcase.

    Click here for the Conference Program. If you have any problems accessing the showcase, please contact the Conference organiser, Karen Fellows