Education Institute

Education Institute

  • For some children and young people, being in hospital means missing out on school. The Royal Children's Hospital Education Institute keeps students connected to their regular school or kindergarten by bridging the gap between hospital, home and their enrolled setting.

    The Education Institute teachers evaluate new patients to determine the correct level of educational support. These evaluations are based on need or educational risk, with eligible students being offered individual or group learning sessions, or a combination of both.

    Each student receives an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) prepared in collaboration with the student, families/carers and the enrolled educational setting. The ILP is reviewed regularly and updated in line with the students' educational progress. 

    Early Years

    Our hospital kindergarten program is led by qualified early childhood educators who, through engaging play-based learning, to help prepare your child for school. For students to be eligible for the program, they are required to be at least four years old before the 30th April in the year of enrolment.


    The Education Institute offers an evidence-based program built on high-impact teaching strategies, with a focus on literacy and numeracy which is underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum.

    Secondary and VCE

    Specialist teachers can assist secondary and VCE students to remain connected to their studies during a hospital stay, with a focus on educational tasks assigned by their school. 

    The Education Institute is funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.