Early Childhood Intervention Services


  • A workshop for parents who would like support regarding their child’s sleep.

    Sleep is important for growth, health, learning and emotional wellbeing. Lack of adequate sleep impacts on our coping skills, concentration, behaviour, physical coordination and on family life. 

    Some families may be finding it challenging if their child: 

    • Takes more than 30 minutes to settle to sleep
    • Wakes during the night
    • Co-sleeps with their parents
    • Wakes early in the morning 
    • Doesn’t get enough sleep

    In this workshop, parents will be provided with information to understand sleep and sleep disturbances as well as strategies that may be useful in managing their child’s sleep disturbances. The workshop will also focus on ways to assess a child’s sleep and develop individual sleep plans using the strategies chosen by the family.

    The information is based on the Sleepwise Program which is designed to assist families of children with developmental delays.

    The Sleepwise Program consists of 3 parent education sessions and 2-3 individual session to discuss individual plans/progress.

    Families will gain an understanding on positive sleep practices for their child. With support of the RCH ECIS team, families will develop an individualised sleep plan for their child which will be reviewed and modified as required.


    • RCH ECIS will accept NDIS and private paying families. Please note we have no capacity for families to claim through Medicare or their private health insurance.