Working group

  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group

    The objective of the RAP Working Group help make The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) a culturally safe and inclusive organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by progressing the development of an RCH Reconciliation Action Plan, overseeing its endorsement and implementation. 

    At the RCH, we are currently developing our second RAP, our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.  The RCH Reconciliation Action Plan is the roadmap by which we will reflect, plan and assess our progress in working to close the gap in health service provision, access and outcomes. By committing to this plan, and combining our efforts we can help ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have the same opportunities as every other Australian child to live a long, healthy and happy life.

    For further information, see the Terms of Reference for the Working Group. 

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    For further information on the RAP Working Group, please feel free to contact: Helen Siddel, Director, Organisational Development

    Aboriginal Advisory Committee

    The Aboriginal Advisory Committee is a committee that is chaired by the RCH CEO and the Wadja Team Leader. It acts as a formal avenue of engagement between the hospital and Aboriginal communities, and plays an important part in supporting Wadja Aboriginal Family Place staff. Members of the committee includes representatives from:

    The AAC represents the long history of engagement that RCH has had with Aboriginal communities. The most significant improvement in this relationship was due to the implementation of a bi-partisan committee in 1997 that realised the principles of community participation, accountability and social justice. This committee (previously named Aboriginal Liaison Policy Advisory Committee - ALPAC, and now the Aboriginal Advisory Committee) gave Aboriginal communities a voice within the hospital and acknowledged their right to inform hospital decision-making that would ensure equitable, responsive health care. It also served as a support mechanism to the Aboriginal staff working in the hospital.

    The Aboriginal Advisory Committee meets quarterly with key priorities to inform culturally-informed guidance and advice to ensure RCH provides equitable, culturally safe, responsive health care that promotes improved health outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families.

    For further information about the AAC, please refer to its Terms of Reference.