Why Diversity Inclusion and Belonging

  • At The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), diversity, inclusion and belonging are integral to our mission—to help our children and families get the best service possible and to build a health service that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. At the RCH, we believe in the inherent strength of a diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees are treated fairly, diverse opinions are valued, and where concerns about discrimination are responded to seriously and thoughtfully. The strength of this commitment is recognised in our Compact where we acknowledge the need to respect each and every person we work with. There is a specific pledge that reminds us to be inclusive and to value the diversity around us.

    I am inclusive

    What is being diverse, equitable, inclusive and providing a sense of belonging about?

    • Diversity is the element of being different or unique.
    • Valuing diversity is about respecting varied perspectives, experiences, and approaches – at individual, team or organisational levels
    • Equity requires us to acknowledge that being 'different' can disadvantage people, and some more than others. 
    • Equity asks us to consider this, and recognise that many and varied supports could be needed in order for people to have an equally positive experience.  
    • Inclusion is when we enable employees to feel valued, by encouraging their difference and the value it brings to our workplace, particularly to our decision making, and our support and care of young people.
    • Providing a sense of belonging enables every person, regardless of their individuality, to feel psychologically and culturally safe to bring their whole being to work.  

    How diverse is the RCH?

    • The RCH has a predominantly female workforce (79%) and a high proportion of women in senior management roles
    • Proportion of the population aged over 45 (29.6%)
    • We have many team members that were born or have lived overseas
    • The RCH has rich religious and spiritual diversity.

    Why is diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging so important? 

    A truly diverse and inclusive workplace enhances RCH performance by strengthening staff engagement, staff motivation, effort and improves responsiveness to the many different people who seek our services. It's a key element of delivering patient-centred care, and helps us to allow our patients and families to feel safe here. These benefits continue into workplace culture, as being inclusive contributes to lower levels of absenteeism, turnover and grievances. Valuing the life experiences and perspectives of all employees helps us to innovate, make better decisions and provide even greater care.