Reference group

  • The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Reference Group is chaired by the Executive Director, People and Culture.
    It meets quarterly to actively work on a number of initiatives to celebrate diversity in our workplace and close the employment gaps for for our diverse team members. 

    Our purpose

    Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a critical part of the RCH values and strategy. The RCH's Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Reference Group meets bi-monthly to focus on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce by:

    • Identifying opportunities to lead and promote diversity programs and practices;
    • Determining yearly projects, activities and objectives;
    • Driving communication and education strategies that relate to diversity and inclusion of the workforce;
    • Reviewing internal practices to maximise diversity, inclusion and belonging principles and practices;
    • Making recommendations to RCH Executive for endorsement and implementation;
    • Monitoring, reporting and supporting subgroups representing diversity, inclusion and belonging as required;
    • Integrating consumer and community perspectives into decision making pertaining to diversity, inclusion and belonging activities;
    • Ensuring an annual calendar of events is promoted and implemented in support of celebrating commitment to diversity and inclusion;
    • Promoting and advocating the work of the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Reference Group in support of the RCH Strategic Plan and commitment to being a great place to work, recognising staff for their achievements, attracting and retaining quality skilled staff and investing in both a paid and volunteer workforce of the future.


    We strive to ensure there is representation across all the different craft groups, as well as from the various diversity groups who are active across the RCH.

    Chair: Executive Director People and Culture

    • Working group chairs and members as required
    • Director, Human Resources
    • Director, Organisational Development
    • Representatives from across the professional groups for example:
      • Nursing Workforce Representative
      • Allied Health (Directorate and non-Directorate) Representatives
      • Junior Medical Officers Representative (JMS rotational representation noted)
      • Senior Medical Officers Representative
      • Nursing Workforce Representative
      • Health Professionals and Medical Support Representative
      • Management and Administration Representative
      • Allied Support Services Representative
      • Communications Representative
      • Medical Workforce Unit Representative
      • Manager, Volunteer Services 

    Terms of reference

    Find out more about the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Reference Group here