Diversity advisors

  • Our Diversity Advisors are a team of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) colleagues who are experts and advocates for their faith or culture. Diversity Advisors help us by providing advice, about the best way to celebrate and acknowledge cultural, spiritual and religious events in the most respectful way.

    Diversity Advisors point us in the right direction for great information, and often provide us with personal views or experiences of celebrating events special to them.  They also assist by reviewing our intranet stories prior to publication to make sure we’re hitting the right note.  Their family stories are so engaging, and give us a personal insight into another way of living.  This all helps us on our journey of diversity, inclusion and belonging.

    Become a Diversity Advisor

    If you feel that you can be an advocate for your faith or culture, we would love to hear from you. Please email Helen Siddel at helen.siddel@rch.org.au, letting her know which faith or culture you’d like to be an advisor for, and she will be in touch.