About Developmental Intake

  • A Stepped Care Approach to Developmental Intake

    A Stepped Care Approach to Developmental Intake (Stepped Care) is a two and a half year project that has implemented a central, single point of entry for all referrals with a developmental question received by The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH). 

    A developmental question includes queries about behaviour, including autism and hyperactivity, speech and language, movement or motor problems, daily living and social skills.

    The Developmental Intake team apply a stepped approach to developmental intake with the aim of identifying a child and their family’s needs to establish best care pathway for that child.

    What we do

    The focus of Stepped Care is to provide consistent, accurate and transparent pathway for children and families with a developmental question.

    The RCH recognise that, where appropriate, the best place for children and families to receive care is in their local community.  

    The Developmental Intake team works with referrers, families, community health practitioners and education providers to build a clear picture of the child, family, and their needs. Once these needs have been established, we will work with our RCH developmental teams, and our community partners to define the best pathway for the child and family.

    Ultimately, the RCH want all children with a developmental concern to be seen by the right person, in the right place at the right time.

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