• Location

    West Building

    Level 2

    Specialists Clinics

    Reception H

    General Dermatology clinics

    Diagnosis and management of all skin problems from newborns to adolescents.

    Held Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons.

    Eczema clinic

    Held 5 days a week with the dermatology nurse practitioners and nurse consultants. Patients and families receive individual assessment, extensive education, and home management plans.

    Haemangioma clinic

    A rapid access clinic for infants with infantile haemangioma (strawberry marks) is held on Monday mornings.

    Laser clinic

    Held Monday mornings, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

    Teen acne clinic

    A rapid access clinic for teenagers with moderate to severe acne is held on Monday afternoons.

    Teen Acne Project - Pre Referral Guideline