Day Surgery

About Day Surgery

  • Day Surgery cares for approximately 10,000 children and families per year.

    We are a self-contained unit that cares for children of all ages requiring elective or emergency operations. Day Surgery allows a child to be admitted, operated on and discharged within the same day.

    Patients may have their operation in Day Surgery procedure rooms and be recovered within the unit, or alternatively, have their surgery performed in the main operating theatres. Our unit comprises of 2 procedure rooms, a recovery room, a general ward area and waiting rooms which include activities for the children awaiting to go to theatre. A parent's tea room also exists within the unit where tea and coffee is provided.

    Different types of surgery performed in Day Surgery include plastic, dental, ear, nose and throat (ENT), orthopaedic, oncology, urology, gynaecology, general surgery, and other procedures such as endoscopies and CT scans.