Web services criteria

  • The web development services provided by Creative Studio fall under either no-charge or chargeable categories.

    We use the criteria below to evaluate if a project will attract an hourly rate, and can provide a quote for chargeable work on request.

    No charge web development

    The no charge web development refers primarily to Content Management System (CMS) websites as detailed below.

    New CMS sites that meet the following criteria:

    • The site is for an RCH Department
    • The site is for an official hospital event, program or other theme that has been identified to require a CMS web site
    • The site is not urgent and can go into our queue of work. (If we are instructed by Executive that it is a priority, then we can accelerate the development).

    The creation of a CMS site includes:

    • Consultation with webmaster to develop an information architecture
    • CMS site creation
    • Transfer of content into site (as prescribed by site architecture and supplied by client)
    • CMS training for staff to manage site content
    • Ongoing support for CMS users
    • Hosting of the site
    • Site usage statistics

    Chargeable web development

    • Custom application development. Any application that has functionality beyond what the CMS can offer including:
      • database development
      • forms
      • specification design
      • scripting ( .Net, JavaScript, CSS, MSSQL, MySQL etc.)
    • Assessment - access to our online assessment package
    • Surveys - development of online surveys and polls
    • Template design - including modification of the RCH template for departments or special projects
    • Domain name management beyond the core domain names ( such as rch.org.au )
    • Video - delivery of video files (must be supplied by Creative Studio)
    • In addition, any work for that is needed urgently, has sponsorship, or where the customer plans to profit from Creative Studio's development will attract a fee.

    Projects that need to be approved by ICT

    The following criteria will be used to identify projects that should be referred to the ICT Project Management Office, and be subject to the approval and processes of project management.

    Application development that:

    • requires interaction with any clinical database or system
    • collects or displays patient information
    • directly updates centralised corporate information