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3D imaging

  • The Batten Foundation 3D Imaging Centre

    The Batten Foundation 3D Imaging Centre is a state-of-the-art service equipped to capture three dimensional images - an instantaneous technique where an exact digital 3D representation of the patient is created.

    The provision of a 3D image of the patient makes it possible for health professionals to analyse and calculate measurements, assisting with pre-operative diagnosis, planning treatments and post-operative outcomes.

    The service at the outset has been established for the plastic and maxillofacial unit to monitor and assess craniofacial surgical treatments. The flexibility of the system allows the service to adapt to the needs of other departments where detailed geometric, volumetric, angular and anthropometric comparisons are required.

    The service is constantly evolving and finding new applications for this technology. The 3D Imaging Centre welcomes enquiries however we must have a project plan with ethics approval before we can begin any work. 3D Project Data Request form.

    • Instantaneous capture ᆳ non-invasive and non-contact
    • Provides detailed geometry of pre-operative and post-operative patients for analysis
    • Volumetric, angular and anthropometric measurements for comparisons
    • Assessment of images can be performed within minutes

    3D imaging enquiries

    Please visit our contact page for 3D imaging contact details. 

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    3month - 18 year research project

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    Achievements to date

    Presentations and publications

    • 18 oral presentations
    • 5 posters
    • 4 published papers

    Publications in a peer-reviewed journal

    • 2008 - A 3D Digital Medical Photography System in Paediatric Medicine. J. Audiov. Media Med. Vol 31 No. 3 p 91 - 98.
    • 2008 - Three dimensional photography applications in Plastic Surgery Rev Bras Cir Craniomaxilofac 11(4): 163-7 Texiera  R et al
    • 2010 - Quantitative Morphometric Outcomes Following the Melbourne Method of Total Vault Remodelling for Scaphocephaly. J. CranioFacial Surgery Vol 21 No. 3 p - 637 -643 Toma  R et al
    • 2010- Measuring Cranial Vault Volume with 3 D Photography J. CranioFacial Surgery, Vol 21 No. 5 p - 1419 -1422 McKay D et al


    • 2009 (Sept) Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) (UK) Best Published Paper award - The Peter Hansel medal - for "A 3D Digital Medical Photography System in Paediatric Medicine". J. Audiov Media Med. Vol 31 No. 3 p91-89.
    • 2009 Sept) Informa Healthcare Award - for "A 3D Digital Medical Photography System in Paediatric Medicine". J. Audiov Media Med. Vol 31 No. 3 p91-89.
    • 2010 (Oct) Premiers Excellence Award won by the Paediatric Integrated Cancer Services, Peter Mac and RCH for GA? No way! Minimising the use of general anaesthesia in radiotherapy mask production for children: innovative child-friendly approach which used the 3D imaging service to provide 3D data to manufacture masks.

    Winner, Premier's Excellence Award for Improving Cancer Care in Victoria 2010

    The PICS together with the RCH and Peter Mac won the 2010 Premier's Excellence Award for improving cancer care.

    For an overview of this work click here to access the award application.

    Left to right: Rod Lawlor, Dr Peter Downie, Jane Williamson, the Hon John Brumby MP, Lloyd Ellis, Craig Bennett, Professor Christine Kilpatrick and David Willis.

    Clinical planning and treatment applications

    • Plagiocephaly treatment
    • Pectus Carinatum treatment
    • Cancer kids - radiotherapy planning and mask construction