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Clinical Paediatric Update

Program 2022


    Friday 27th May - CPU Day 1

     Time   Speakers       Session title
     09:00    Professor Sarath Ranganathan                                                       
    Introduction and Welcome
     09:15  Dr Shivanthan Shanthikumar
    Asthma management in children 12 and over - an update
     Dr Jeremy Rosenbaum
    The spectrum of recurrent vomiting - assessment and what works
     Dr Chidambaram Prakash
    Your first choice of SSRI doesn't help, what next?
     10:45 - 11:15   Break
     11:15 Professor Fergus Cameron
    The pros and cons of continuous glucose monitoring
     11:45 Professor Campbell Paul  
    On the coal face: the effects of COVID restrictions on parent-infant relationships 
    Dr Mikhaila Lazanyi
    How to talk STIs
    Dr Kiarash Taghavi
    So the child has an abnormal renal tract ultrasound - what next?
     13:15 - 13:45             

     13:45 Dr Daryl Efron 
    Medical cannabis in developmental and behavioural disorders
     14:15 Dr Simon Harvey
    Tips & tricks for swapping AEDs 
     14:45 - 15:15

    Dr Eric Levi 

    Dr Kate Simpson

    Dr Laura Marco

    Concerns of OSA - when to refer, why not to wait, what happens if we don't refer

     16:00Dr Gemma Crighton
     Iron deficiency - what to do when oral supplements aren't working
    Close of Day 1  

    Saturday 28th May - CPU Day 2     

     Time   Speakers       Session title
     09:00  Dr Sarah McNab Update from the Journals                                                                                                                                              
     09:30 Dr Bella Shadur
    Changing presentations of Primary Immune Deficiency: Beyond recurrent infections
     10:00 Dr Jo Tully                                                                    
    Technology facilitated sexual assault
     10:30 Break
     11:00 Dr Alison Boast
    Kawasaki and PIMS-TS - The RCH experience
    Dr Bill Renton
    Blue fingers, hypermobility, arthralgias - when to think rheumatology
     12:00 Dr Heidi Peters

    Treatable intellectual disability: Metabolic perspective
     12:30 - 12:45