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Clinical Paediatric Update

Program 2023


    Saturday 13th May - CPU Day 1

     Time   Speakers       Session title
     09:00   Professor Sarath Ranganathan                                                   
    Introduction and Welcome
     09:15 Dr Moya Vandeleur
    Vaping and the health consequences
    Dr Anu Mathew
    Eye- eye- eye - common ophthalmology conditions
    Dr Mark Safe
    Abnormal LFTs: an approach for the general paediatrician
     10:45 - 11:15   Morning Tea Break
     11:15 Dr Katherine Chen
    Research Round Up
     11:45 Dr Joshua Osowicki
    The Spectacular Strep A Spectrum 
    Dr Shidan Tosif
    Post Covid conditions / long Covid in children
     12:45 - 13:30           

    Marnie Pascoe, Associate Professor Jane Munro, Dr Amanda Stock
    Making procedures as painless as possible
     14:30 - 15:00
    Afternoon Tea Break
     15:00Dr Bryn Jones POTS: What's changed and how to manage it 
     15:30Dr Simone Huntingford
    Neonatal neurology: tips and updates
     16:00Dr Trupti Jadhav
    Close of Day 1  

    Sunday 14th May - CPU Day 2     

     Time   Speakers       Session title
    Dr Sam Mehr
    Adolescents with risk of anaphylaxis
     09:30Dr Giselle D'Mello
    Dental pearls for paediatricians
     10:00Dr Anthea GreenwayNeutropenia: When to worry, when (and what) to test
     10:30 Morning Tea Break
     11:00 Dr Emma Weisz & Justine Elliott
    Whole exome sequencing for the general paediatrician 
    Dr Chindambaram Prakash
    Insights from the dual disability clinic
     12:00 Dr Chindambaram Prakash
    Risk assessment and safety planning