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Pastoral and Spiritual Care


  • How do I make a referral to Pastoral and Spiritual Care?

      Referrals to Pastoral and Spiritual Care can made by:

                      - paging a chaplain,  (see Staff tab for pager details)

                      - making a call to the chaplains phone extension or

                      - by asking switchboard (91) to page the Duty Chaplain.

                     - VIA the Electronic Medical Record  (EMR)

    To make a referral via the EMR please follow the following procedure:-

    1. In Patient Chart make a referral from the Orders Tab
    2. In the search bar (on the right of screen) type the first few letters of the Department or Practitioners name, that you wish to make the referral.  E.G. PAST for Pastoral Care.
    3. Select the correct referral, complete the fields in the pop up window, click accept, Sign the order to compete the referral.

    If making a referral via EMR please also page, phone or email the chaplain you are making the referral to, this will ensure a timely response to your referral, or page the Normal Hours Duty pager no. 6094.

    Chaplains are often on the ward so please feel free to approach a chaplain and ask for assistance.

    Chaplains are available during normal business hours  (8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday)

    At all other times including Public Holidays and Weekends an On Call Duty Chaplain is available.
    To Contact the On Call Duty Chaplain please phone Switchboard (91)  and ask to speak to the On Call Duty Chaplain.
    The On Call Duty Chaplain will initially call in and speak to you and will then negotiate an appropriate response to meet your needs.

    What should I do with a request for a Catholic Priest or for a Catholic sacrament such as Baptism or "Last Rites"?

    1. Ring the On Call Duty Chaplain via Switchboard (91).  A Chaplain will ring you back and either consult with you on the phone or come into the hospital to address the need in person.

    2.  The Chaplain will make contact with the family to confirm that this is the desire of the parent(s) and will then contact the priest and liaise between the priest and the family to ensure that their request is satisfied.

    3.  The chaplain will also follow-up providing spiritual care with the family as often the priest is available briefly to perform a ritual and then must leave.

    If the family is a member of a local Catholic parish and they desire their clergy to come in, it is possible for them to contact him directly.
    Please note:
    It is not advisable for RCH staff to make direct contact with churches and attempt to secure a priest to come in.  The On Call Duty Chaplain will do this for you.

    Download Referral Process Document Here and General referral information Here