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Pastoral and Spiritual Care

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  • Spiritual Care services are available during business hours - 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

    Most wards have a designated practitioner who can be contacted by the ward staff or contact the Coordinator.

    Ward Allocations are as follows: 

    Paul Hammat
    (Coordinator - Spiritual Care):
    phone: 9345 4699
    Spectralink:   51839 
    Secure Chat 
    Monday to Friday
    Wards: Kelpie, Banksia, Rosella

    Helen Little
    phone: 9345 5798    
    Secure Chat
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Wards: Butterfly and Kookaburra

    Suzanne Oakes
    phone: 9345 5797    
    Secure Chat
    Monday, Thursday
    Wards: Cockatoo

    Clare Tomasov
    Phone: 9345 5080     
    Secure Chat
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    Wards: Platypus

    David Howie
    Phone: 9345 5522    
    Secure Chat
    Monday to Friday
    Wards: Sugarglider, Koala

    Gita Dickinson
    Phone: 9345 6796    
    Secure Chat
    Monday and Wednesday
    Wards: Kelpie