Clinical Products Advisory

About Clinical Products Advisory

  • Clinical Products Advisor

    The Clinical Products Advisor is appointed by the nursing division to assist nursing staff, medical and other hospital personnel when requested, in the selection, evaluation and procurement of medical devices. This includes equipment, clinical products and consumable items.

    The position works closely with clinical staff, Material Resources and Biomedical Engineering to ensure all products are properly integrated into the clinical setting.
    Consultation will occur with other relevant groups, for example, Infection control, O,H&S and pharmacy when required.

    The RCH Clinical Products Advisor:

    • Works collaboratively with staff to identify the most suitable clinical products for the RCH
    • Coordinates trials & evaluations to facilitate the selection of clinically appropriate products
    • Is responsible for the appropriate assessment, standardisation and rationalisation of clinical products purchased by the hospital and
    • Ensures systems and processes are in place to properly specify and evaluate products before purchase
    • Ensures the outcomes are properly documented

    Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical Engineering at the RCH is responsible for ensuring that all medical and laboratory equipment is operating according to manufacturer's guidelines and standards. 

    The department provides advice concerning:

    • The acquisition and replacement of equipment
    • Introduction of new technology
    • Replacement of existing equipment and
    • Education and training

    The technical safety and performance of medical equipment purchased by the hospital is assessed by Biomedical Engineering.

    Material Resources

    • Primary purchasing function of all products across the hospital
    • Liaise with suppliers concerning product information and negotiate pricing and contracts
    • Manage and facilitate major procurements including open tender, restricted tender, expressions of interest
    • Manage the delivery of hospital goods
    • Ensure the appropriate evaluation documentation is provided prior to the purchase of medical devices
    • Refer to the Clinical Products Advisor when clinical advice is required

    HealthShare Victoria

    HealthShare Victoria (HSV) was established by the government to facilitate the reform of procurement within the public health care sector.  HealthShare Victoria was formerly called Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV).  HSV facilitate access to products and services and manage state contracts on behalf of the government and participating health services.

    At present, all Victorian Public hospitals and health services are obliged to use HSV contracts unless an exemption has been granted pursuant to the Health Services Act 1988. HSV reports to the Minister for Health.  More information can be found on their website 

    NB. Access to HSV contracts is available to all public hospital personnel with a hospital email account.  Please discuss with Material Resources to obtain a login.