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  • Helpful information  

    • The following links have children's programs in the areas of preparing for surgery, anaesthesia, IV, blood tests and Medical Imaging 
    • Medical words, staff and equipment differ between countries or can be confusing to children, please be aware of this in helping your child

    The RCH Be Positive (B+)

    The Be Positive (B+) website 

    • Be Positive (B+) is your way of finding out more about The Royal Children's Hospital 
    • B+ host Siobhan and her two loveable friends, Jazz and Rocco, are here to help you learn and understand more about hospital, and what happens here 
    • Meet the different people that look after you during your stay, learn about the technology that helps you get better, and discover what makes RCH a great hospital
    • Watch B+ episodes any time on RCH TV, or watch these video clips on the website above

    B sweet to babies

    The B sweet to babies website

    • CHEO’s Be Sweet to Babies research team and the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing have created some helpful videos demonstrating how to ease infant pain during painful procedures. RCH acknowledges the work of Dr Denise Harrison (RN PhD and ex RCH) and the CHEO team as evidence based and best practice.

    How can I use breathing to help reduce pain?

    Helping toddlers and pre-school with breathing and relaxation activities

    • Practice with the toddler or young child to blow bubbles or windmill
    • Pre-school/school age child may pretend to "blow candles" out of an imaginary cake.
    • Ask children questions about the type of cake, theme on the cake, number of candles etc.
    • Coach the child to take big belly breathes, ask the child to place their hand on belly and breathe in slowly and out making the sound SHHH.

    Five coping activities for children ages 7-11 years from Zoobie TM    

    The five coping strategies are designed to assist children to deal with anxiety producing situations such as tests and procedures.The right preparation can make the experience more positive and rewarding. 


    Pain, pain go away: helping children with pain

    The booklet gives information about pain in children, how to recognise pain and what to do. It contains suggestions about things that help children with pain and how to prevent  distress and fear. A Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Children's Pain Management Service at Royal Children's Hospital, together with three Pain Specialists from Canada have written the booklet for parents and health professionals about children's pain.

    Pain go away