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Caring for your baby

  • To help you learn how to care for your baby on Butterfly, we have developed this educational package to teach you the knowledge and skills you will require to confidently provide your baby’s cares during your stay and after you go home. Working alongside the clinical staff, you will be given opportunities to learn and practice the care routines that take place throughout the day. Participating in these routines during your stay will help prepare you for going home. Your baby will also benefit by receiving care from you. 

    Parents and families provide care in a sensitive and consistent way. By providing the cares yourself, you give your baby opportunities to learn about the environment and how to cope with the activities they need to participate in. 

    You will learn the signs and signals your baby gives to communicate if they are coping or whether they need a rest. You will also learn to do cares in ways that cause the least amount of stress to your baby, and you will learn ways to calm and relax your baby when stressed. 

    Training covers the following areas: