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Support and obligations

  • Medical obligations

    Sometimes it may be unclear why a baby is so unwell or has died. Prior to your baby’s death the medical team may speak to you about the possibility of performing some additional tests or a special operation called a postmortem after your baby has died. It is hoped that these investigations will provide you with a better understanding about what has happened to your baby and whether it will have any implications for future pregnancies. Your baby will be treated with care, consideration and respect during these procedures. 

    In some circumstances the medical team will be legally required to report your baby’s death to the Victorian Coroner to investigate the cause of death. Your medical team will discuss the reasons for this referral and the process with you in more detail if this is required.

    Neonatal organ donation

    Some families generously wish to consider donating their child’s tissue and/or organs. If you would like to discuss this possibility, please notify your care team.

    Lactation suppression

    If you have an established milk supply when your baby passes away it is really important to suppress your milk supply slowly to avoid discomfort and complications. Your bedside nurse or midwife will be able to provide you with information and support on how to do this safely.
    You can find more information about lactation suppression here.