Bottle feeding

  • Sometimes breastfeeding is not possible for mother, baby or both. In the event that breastfeeding is not possible, or your baby is not able to have all of their feeds from the breast, you can offer them feeds from a bottle.

    Bottle feeding, like breastfeeding, is an opportunity for interaction and loving contact between baby and carer. Your baby may receive both tube and bottle feeds while they grow and mature and develop oral feeding skills. They may also receive a mixture of breast, bottle and tube feeds to suit their needs and help get them ready to go home.

    Feeding plans will be discussed on the ward round every day. If you cannot be present, you can write your thoughts about your baby’s feeding on their communication board or leave a message with their bedside nurse.

    Bottle feed

    Sepal bottles have been designed through consultation with The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) staff and are the bottles that are used on Butterfly.

    Extra small (XS) and small teats (S) are used, and can be either slow or extra slow, which describes how fast the milk flows out.

    The bottles are used once and are then placed in the light blue bin the ward Milk Room labelled 'Return for reuse'.

    Different to most baby bottles, the bottle cap and teat are one piece. Sepal bottles are available at the Equipment Distribution Centre at the RCH and can be purchased for use at home. Alternatively, you can provide your own bottles and teats in preparation for going home.

    It is recommended that these be trialed in Butterfly before you leave.