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Victorian pathways for COVID-19 positive children

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    This guideline has been adapted for statewide use with the support of the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network

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    COVID clinical management guidelines package (RCH)

    Key points

    1. Most children with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic disease
    2. Low risk children with COVID-19 should be managed by their GP as per the Primary Health Network COVID-19 Positive Pathway
    3. Moderately unwell children or those with comorbidities should be considered for admission to a Paediatric Hospital in the Home (HITH) on a case-by-case basis. This differs from adult pathways, and only children needing hospital level care need to be referred to the respective Streaming Hospital HITH


    COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways is the Victorian state-wide program for assessment and management of COVID-19 patients.  Children with COVID-19 in Victoria are primarily managed by the Primary Health Network in which they reside.  GPs are best placed to look after low-risk children via telehealth


    Children should be assessed to recognise the seriously unwell child and for disease severity:


    COVID-19 Positive Community Pathways referral for Children
    The following avenues are recommended according to disease severity and risk factors: 


    Information specific to RCH

    RCH staff: Please see RCH specific HITH intake criteria and processes

    If RCH is your streaming hospital:

    • RCH Emergency Doctor in Charge via switchboard 9345 5522
    • RCH Hospital in the Home (Wallaby Ward) via switchboard 9345 4770 8am-8pm every day
    • COVID-19 Follow Up Clinic:  Department of General Medicine, 50 Flemington Rd, Fax:  9345 5034
      • Prolonged symptoms >2 weeks, investigation and management of long COVID-19, follow up of children with comorbidities/complex social needs

    Information specific to Monash Children’s Hospital

    Please see Monash Health Positive care pathways information

    If Monash Health is your streaming hospital:
    Please contact the paediatric COVID consultant on call through switchboard:  9594 6666

    Last updated September 2021