Thoracic elevation device - Airway pad

  • A Thoracic Elevation Device (TED) should be used for any patient <8 years of age requiring spinal precautions and cervical spine (C-spine) evaluation following trauma and/or any assessment, diagnostic imaging or treatment situation requiring neutral C-spine alignment.

    The TED is a mat used to provide an appropriate offset between the supine paediatric patient’s head and torso ensuring the neck is not placed in a flexed position and an open airway is maintained.

    Other patients with conditions causing an abnormally large head should also use a TED mat including patients with achondroplasia or hydrocephalus.

    The TED:

    • Offsets larger occiput in paediatric patients
    • Maintains neck in correct neutral position
    • Avoids flexion of the neck and airway
    • May reduce pressure areas  
    Age Weight (kg) Pad Thickness
    0 – 6 mths            3 to 7     Full Thickness
    6 mths – 2 yrs 8 to 14   Half Thickness
    2 – 8 yrs 15 to 24+ Half Thickness

    TED comprises four sections which can be folded in two (half thickness) or four (full thickness):

    The TED is not used in the fully laid out position at RCH.

    To use the TED mat:

    • Fold the TED to required thickness (depending on the patient size, based on the reference below).
    • Position the TED on the bed before patient arrival
    • Transfer the patient onto the TED in supine position ensuring the ear is in line with the shoulder in the sagittal plane.
    • The patient’s head is positioned off the TED.  Feet may be on or off the pad according to patient length.

    Airway Pad 2