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CPG Committee Calendar

  • 2023 Clinical Year:

    *This calendar is a guide to upcoming topics. Scheduled topics are subject to changes, committee members will be notified by email as soon as changes are confirmed.

     Meeting Date  CPG topic * Author/supervisor 
    February 2023    
    Thursday 2nd   Haematology - suite of CPGs Amanda Wilkins / Kate Harding & Mike Starr
    Wednesday 15th   Foreign body ingestion   Therese Kirsten / Noel Cranswick
    March 2023     
    Thursday 2nd  Asthma preventer treatment for school aged children (5-12 years)  Shiv Shanthikumar / Jo Lawrence
    Wednesday 15th   Asthma in preschool aged children ( <5 years)   Shiv Shanthikumar / Jo Lawrence
    April 2023     
     Thursday 6th  Acute Asthma  Priya Sundaravel / David Krieser
    Wednesday 19th   Diabetic Ketoacidosis (2nd meeting)  Evan O'Neill / Peter Barnett
    May 2023    
    Thursday 4th  Asthma in preschool aged children ( <5 years)  Shiv Shanthikumar / Jo Lawrence
    Wednesday 17th  Plagiocephaly  Amanda Wilkins / Deena Parbhoo
    June 2023
    Thursday 1st Gynae bundle   Mikhalia Lazanyi / Amy Gray & Sonia Grover
    Wednesday 21st  Bronchiolitis  Minaa Hiban / Ed Oakley
     July 2023    
     Thursday 6th   Micronutrient deficiency   Matthew Wakeley 
     Wednesday 19th  Community acquired pneumonia  Kate Ferguson
     August 2023  
     Thursday 3rd

     Tertiary Survey  

    (+ Pelvic injuries) 

     Irene Moyer / Keith Amarakone
     Wednesday 16th   Febrile neutropenia  Hannah Walker / Gab Hauesler
     September 2023  
     Thursday 7th Eczema Jacqui Hall / Kate Harding
     Wednesday 20th Anxiety Sophie Oldfield / Mike Starr
     October 2023  
     Thursday 5th Extravasation injuries                      Ed Oakley
     Wednesday 18th Sepsis Natasha van den Heuvel / Elliot Long
     November 2023  
    Thursday 2nd Management of eating disorders in the ED Tash Thompson / Amanda Stock
     Wednesday 15th Acute abdominal pain  Shirisha Samudrala / Noha Soliman
     December 2023  
     Thursday 7th To be confirmed 
     Wednesday 20th  Acute Pain Management          Shawn Gielen-Relph / Alan Ngo
     January 2024  
     Wednesday 17th Pyloric stenosis Rachel Goh
     February 2024  
     Thursday 1st Hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic state Sarah Rathe