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CPG Committee Calendar

  • 2024-2023  

    *This calendar is a guide to upcoming topics as they are scheduled. Topics are subject to changes, committee members will be notified by email as soon as changes are confirmed. Please contact the cpg team for any queries.

     Meeting Date  CPG (Clinical Practice Guideline) topic * Author/supervisor 
    May 2024
    Thursday 2ndAtaxiaCallum Addison / 
    Wednesday 15th  Anaphylaxis  Tbc
     April 2024    
     Thursday 4th 

    Sleep bradycardia (+ Nappy rash)

    Daniel Son / 
    Wednesday 17th Meningitis / encephalitis ` Tbc
    March 2024  
    Thursday 7thMinimal handlingKate Gazzard / Amanda Stock
     Wednesday 20thOncological emergenciesStacie Wang / Seong Lin Khaw
    February 2024  
    Thursday 1stHyperosmolar hyperglycaemic stateSarah Rathe / Ed Sixsmith
    Wednesday 21stHypokalaemia (+ Hyperkalaemia)Jaye Dowling / Mike Starr
    January 2024  
     Thursday 4thSummer break 
    Wednesday 21stPyloric stenosisRachel Goh / Emma Whyte
    December 2023  
    Thursday 7thCPG Update & Forum CPG Team
    Wednesday 20thAcute pain managementShawn Gielen-Relph / Alan Ngo
    November 2023  
     Thursday 2ndManagement of eating disorders in the EDTash Thompson / Amanda Stock
     Wednesday 15thAcute abdominal pain Shirisha Samudrala / Noha Soliman 
    October 2023  
     Thursday 5thExtravasation injuriesEd Oakley
     Wednesday 18thSepsisNatasha van den Heuvel / Elliot Long
    September 2023  
     Thursday 7th EczemaJacqui Hall / Kate Harding
     Wednesday 20thAnxietySophie Oldfield / Mike Starr
    August 2023  
    Thursday 3rdTertiary survey Irene Moyer / Keith Amarakone
    Wednesday 16th  Febrile neutropeniaHannah Walker / Gab Hauesler