Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS)

Werribee Movie Night

  • On Thursday 4th of October ChIPS had it's third fundraising movie night. The night was a great success with ticket sales reaching 135. The movie night was held at the Werribee Cinemas and the movie was America's Sweethearts. The title of the movie suggested a possible 'chick flick' which caused some of our male guests to be a bit hesitant and anxious about the whole idea. However, the majority of the audience which included males and females of all ages, enjoyed the movie and managed a few laughs here and there. In fact, it was one of our valued 'Friends of ChIPS' members, Bill Stuart, that produced the loudest and most frequent laughs! (or maybe it was because he was sitting directly behind me?! Whatever the case we hope you had an enjoyable evening Bill).

    America's Sweethearts was a light-hearted comedy that was based around a famous movie star couple who had gone their separate ways. Things got a little tricky when they had to pretend to still love each other in order to promote a movie that they had made when they were a happy couple. To make things a little more interesting when the movie is being promoted, the actor falls in love with his wife's assistant, the actress finds a new man herself, and the true version of the film does not show up!  Starring in the movie was Billy Crystal, John Cusack, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alan Arkin, and Hank Azaria.

    Overall the movie night was a great opportunity for members of the wider community to see what ChIPS is all about whilst supporting our fundraising efforts at the same time. As well as having an enjoyable night and mingling with some of our biggest supporters I am pleased to announce that the fundraising screening of America's Sweethearts helped us raise approximately $700. In addition to this, the night also provided us with the opportunity to promote the 'Friends of ChIPS' program and enabled us to sign up new members. We would like to thank all of those who supported our movie night and also those of you who helped us to sell tickets. We hope you enjoyed the movie and look forward to seeing you at future fundraising events. Congratulations to Dawn Boyce who won the double movie pass in the 'Friends of ChIPS' raffle.

    - Jessica O'Dowd