Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS)

Wangaratta Movie Night

  • For those of you that experienced the first ever, long awaited ChIPS camp, in January this year, you will know the anticipation of the next one in just over a month!
    At the first camp, the Wangaratta group was represented by one boy, John. This year more people from the group showed interest in coming along.  There was only one problem, being able to raise the money to get to Melbourne. So Megan, the Wangaratta co-ordinator, decided to come up with a way that the ChIPS members could raise the money and create awareness of the program in the area all in one hit. A movie night was the best way to do this.  They advertised in the local paper and let the other ChIPS regions know, creating as much awareness as possible.

    So people from regional ChIPS as well as Melbourne came along. Some of us met at La Porchetta for dinner before the movie and then joined the others for the feature, which was "Monsters Inc".  The movie       portrayed the adventures of Boo, a human girl who visits the world of monsters.  The night was a complete success as the movie theatre was nearly full.  They raised the money needed to journey to Melbourne, and had a great time doing so. We will all be glad to see them at camp in January.

    Bree Regester