Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS)

Group Report

  • Well, what can I say?  The past 8 weeks have been fantastic.  We met new people, tried to talk about our illnesses, and found out about the dangers of Public Transport.  Our group consisted of the really big, scary and black Tim, Caramel Campbell (the new chocolate from Cadbury), Ollie the Olympic Mascot, Lee...  Lee isn't here as we are writing this, so we can say whatever we want about him.  We could tell you about how he...  Nah, better not.  We could always tell you about his..  Hmm, we'd better let you find out for yourselves.  Mon, from the house of Targét, and Lisa, who had to put up with us for 8 weeks.

    by Ollie, Campbell, Monika, Lisa and Lee.

    I had the pleasure of leading this past 8 week group.  The groupies were awesome to be with each week and I would just like to thank them for an AMAZING 8 weeks. 
    During the 8 weeks, we did many, many different, and wonderful, events and activities, such as eat Caramel Tim-Tams and Cheezles (LOTS of Cheezles), run blindfolded towards park benches, played a bit of pool and we played an age-old game of 'Whiz, Bang, Bounce'.  Artwork was our main activity one week, too.  We found out Monika has some great artistic talents (pictures saved for bribery purposes. Lee you can buy it for $10). We ended off a great  8 weeks with a night of pizza and The Matrix.
    It's been awesome, guys (and gals)..