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Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS)

How to join ChIPS

  • Referral process

    The first step to becoming involved in ChIPS is to complete a referral form and return it to the ChIPS office. The referral form needs to be endorsed by the young person’s primary healthcare professional.

    Once ChIPS have received your referral it will be assessed by the ChIPS team who will contact you to discuss your interest in and suitability for the program.   

    Referral process step-by-step

    1. ChIPS referral form completed and returned to the ChIPS office.
    2. ChIPS staff will review the referral and consult with medical staff if necessary. 
    3. If deemed appropriate a member of the ChIPS staff will contact the young person to arrange a time to meet.
    4. After a face-to-face assessment ChIPS staff members will assess if the young person is suitable for the ChIPS program, and if the ChIPS program is suitable for them.
    5. The young person will then either be invited to attend an intake program, or will be referred to more appropriate services.

    All new participants must complete an Eight Week group or two day Intensive intake program before they can join in the fun and enjoy year-round recreational, social and leadership activities.

    If you have any questions about a young person's suitability for the program, would like some more information on the referral process, or wish to discuss detailed referral criteria please contact the ChIPS office on (03) 9345 6616.