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Education Module Quiz

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Regular growth assessment is only recommended for children known to have growth problems.


The WHO charts are described as a growth standard identifying how children should grow under optimal conditions. They are recommended for monitoring the growth of all infants regardless of the method of feeding.


Weight, length and head circumference of an infant born before 37 weeks completed gestation should be plotted using corrected age until around 2 years of age


Young children between one and two years of age and who are able to stand can have either length (measured while lying down) or height (measured while standing) measured and plotted on the WHO chart for children 0-2years


To assess if a child is growing well, serial measurements of weight, length / height (and infants head circumference), plotted on a growth chart is essential.


The WHO growth charts can be used for all children under 2 years including those with special health care needs.


'Ideal' growth for all children is described as all growth measures tracking along the 50th percentile


BMI can be used to assess overweight in children over the age of 12 months


Which of the following statements about birthweight is correct?



Which of the following factors is least likely to affect growth?



Previous infant growth charts used in Australia (NCHS 1977 and CDC 2000) were based on health surveys of children in the US and included



The WHO growth charts are based on longitudinal data from the Multicentre Growth Reference Study. The eligibility criteria for the study excluded:



Accurate assessment of child growth is best achieved if the practitioner



Corrected age for an infant born at 28 weeks gestation who is now aged 16 weeks is



At any given age 70% of children in the population can be expected to grow



The following statement is the best indicator of poor growth in a young child



Which of the following is correct when considering overweight in children?