Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry

About Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry

  • Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry provides diagnostic services to clinicians within RCH, RWH and the B.M.D.I Cord Blood Bank. The laboratory also provides haemopoietic stem cell (HSC) manipulation and processing services for RCH. 


     Our services can be divided into 4 major categories:

    • Diagnostic Flow Cytometry - including the analysis of samples to assist in the diagnosis of leukaemia & lymphoma; minimum residual disease (MRD) monitoring for T and B acute leukaemia, enumeration of haemopoietic 'stem cells' in a stem cell product (ie CD34 assay), enumeration of foetal cells in the maternal circulation and the detection of DNA aneuploidy.
    • Stem Cell Processing - laboratory processing of stem cell products so they are suitable for HSC transplantation. Processing may include red cell depletion, plasma depletion and / or cryopreservation.
    • Molecular Evidence of Engraftment - Using a Real Time PCR ( Polymerase Chain Reaction) it is possible to determine the proportion of donor and recipient alleles using fluorescent dye-labelled probes for SIngle Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP)
    • Family Cord Blood Collection Service - is provided on behalf of the Children's Cancer Centre for families of patients who are likely to require a haemopoietic stem cell transplant as part of their therapy.  Families wishing to participate in the program are referred by the patient's treating clinician and their suitability reviewed by a Transfusion Specialist.  The Cord Blood collection is organised via this laboratory, with the assistance of the mother's obstetrician.  Compatible cord blood is stored until required. 

      Appointments with the Transfusion Specialist for Family Cord Blood Collection Service can be made via (03) 9345 5159.  These appointments need to be made at 28-30 weeks of pregnancy, and a doctor's referral is required for this consultation.