Clinical Services - Developmental Medicine

  • Cerebral Palsy Clinic

    This is a specialised clinic for the medical management of cerebral palsy and the provision of support for children and their families.

    Complex Movement Disorders

    The Department collaborates with physiotherapy, neurosciences, occupational therapy, orthopaedic surgery and the rehabilitation program to conduct this service. Children with complex movement problems, for example, severe spasticity being considered for intrathecal baclofen, are discussed and treatment programs are initiated in conjunction with families and their community-based clinical team.     

    Continence Program

    Bladder and bowel control can be quite common concerns amongst school-age children with or without a disability. The service aims to enhance the independence and quality of life of children and young people with a disability where there are continence needs. Families are assisted to manage their child's incontinence through a comprehensive assessment with appropriate suggestions for intervention. 

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    Developmental Assessment

    For babies and preschool children with physical disabilities and/or developmental delay or disorders, team members can provide:

    • Multidisciplinary assessment
    • Ongoing management
    • Liaison/organisation of local services.

    Strong emphasis is placed on inclusion into local communities and parental participation in the decision-making process.

    Dysphagia Clinic

    This clinic is run jointly with the Department of Speech Pathology. Children with swallowing and eating problems are assessed and their families are given advice about investigations and management. 

    Inpatient services

    A small group of children require inpatient care. Consultation and support is provided along with planning for admission to hospital and discharge home.

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    Outreach Clinics

    Clinics are held at Belmore, Balwyn, Glenroy, Glen Waverley, Sale and Warragul, in conjunction with Yooralla, Scope (Victoria) and the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre.  The Department has close links with these organisations.    

    Paediatric Medical Clinics

    Developmental paediatricians provide assessment and ongoing care for children with developmental disabilities.  A paediatric neurologist is part of the team.  Consultation with local paediatricians, general practitioners and other service providers is an important part of the service provided.  

    Prader-Willi Clinic

    The Department coordinates this multidisciplinary clinic for children with Prader-Willi syndrome and their families. This clinic includes developmental paediatricians, an endocrinologist, a clinical geneticist, a social worker, a dietician and a clinic coordinator. As well as individual consultations, there are regular educational sessions and peer activities.    

    Rett Syndrome Clinic

    The aim of this clinic is to give families of girls with Rett syndrome an opportunity for a multi-disciplinary assessment. The clinic has a paediatrician, a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist, with additional input from dietetics, genetics and orthopaedics when necessary.  Bookings can be made on 9345 5898. 

    Saliva Control Clinic

    This clinic assesses and advises about treatment and management for children and adolescents for whom dribbling/drooling is a problem. A team consisting of a paediatrician, a plastic surgeon, a speech pathologist, a dentist and the clinic coordinator sees the child and his/her family. The clinic is held once per month (Thursday morning) and is for children from the age of three. No official referral is needed but a report is appreciated from a clinician who has observed or attempted treating the drooling problem. Information is collected by having the family complete a questionnaire prior to their appointment, and at the clinic the child is observed and assessed. Recommendations are made at the end of the clinic visit that may include further management by a local speech pathologist, referral for dental treatment, consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist or the use of medication or surgery. Information on saliva control and the various management options is available by clicking on the link below: 

    Saliva book cover pic

    Saliva control book

    Stomal Therapy

    Stomal therapists provide advice about urinary and faecal stomas, gatrostomies and wound management throughout the hospital and in community settings.     

    Spina Bifida Clinic

    The Spina Bifida Clinic coordinates the medical care of children with Spina Bifida, and provides support and liaison for integrating children into the wider community.  This is a multi-disciplinary team that includes paediatricians, surgeons, stomal therapists, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, and a social worker.

    Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre

    The Uncle Bobs Child Development Centre is a family-centred early childhood intervention program that provides a range of integrated therapy, educational activities, family support and programs for children (0-6 years) with developmental delay and disabilities.

    Programs include

    • Early childhood intervention for children 0-3 years of age
    • Early childhood intervention programs for children 3-6 years of age (this includes specialised programs for children with autism spectrum disorders)
    • Family support programs
    • Outreach support in the community, such as childcare and kindergarten.