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    Unlocking the secrets of hearing loss

    VicCHILD is the Victorian Childhood Hearing Impairment Longitudinal Databank. 

    It's a Victorian register and research databank of children born with a permanent hearing loss. With the help of Victorian families, VicCHILD is working to unlock the secrets of hearing loss.

    Over 900 families have already contributed date to VicCHILD.

    The databank holds a range of information about all Victorian children born with a permanent hearing loss. The information collected and stored by VicCHILD will:

    • help researchers and health professionals gain a better understanding of the causes and outcomes of childhood hearing loss
    • help researchers understand why some children with a hearing loss do well, while others face greater difficulties
    • improve intervention and treatment and ultimately the lives of children with permanent hearing loss and their families.

    If your child was born with a permanent hearing loss, you could help to improve the lives of other children by joining the VicCHILD register.  If you have not been contacted by the VicCHILD team and would like to register your interest in joining, please click here

    Register your interest

    More information

    Families and data users can access more information here. If you are already registered with VicCHILD you can update your details at anytime here

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