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Paediatric Professional Development

  • The Centre for Community Child Health Paediatric Professional Development Program (PDP) provides practical information about developmental-behavioural paediatrics in an engaging format to community paediatricians.

    The two-day program consists of four workshop-style sessions, with practical application for paediatricians working in their communities.

    The theme each year is based on a needs analysis with feedback and advice from those attending. The program uses multidisciplinary and cross-professional speakers, with presentations based on real cases and active participation of those attending.

    The Paediatric Professional Development Program is coordinated by Associate Professor Gehan Roberts, Associate Director of Clinical Services, Centre for Community Child Health.

    Registrations for 2017 are open – more tickets released! 

    The 22nd Annual Professional Development Program for Community Paediatricians – Practical Skills in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics focuses on a common theme in community and developmental paediatric practice: ‘Working with uncertainty in a changing world’.

    During this year's program, we will discuss topics including managing aggression, defiance and irritability, evidence-based approaches to children with learning challenges, and advocacy for our patients and their families as NDIS rolls out across Australia. We hope you can join us over the two days, and you will be able to participate in interactive sessions, grounded with clinical cases, and facilitated by experts in the field of developmental paediatrics, psychiatry and education.

    Dates: Friday 6 October – Saturday 7 October 2017

    Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm each day

    Venue: Ella Latham Auditorium, Ground Floor West Building
    The Royal Children’s Hospital, 50 Flemington Road, Parkville, VIC 3052

    Register here

    The program is designed to meet CPD workshop criteria of 1 point per hour.

    Registration numbers are strictly limited. To avoid disappointment please register prior to organising your travel arrangements and accommodation.


    Day one: Friday 6 October 2017

    Time Session  Speakers Learning objectives
    9:00am-9:30am Registration  

    Session 1

    Children who struggle to learn: the role of paediatricians on the health-education interface

    • Associate Professor Jill Sewell: Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, RCH
    • Dr Kate Jacobs: Educational Psychologist, Raise the Bar Psychology
    • Mr Guy Logan: Senior Lecturer, Learning Intervention, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
    • To understand the spectrum of learning challenges in the context of other common developmental co-morbidities.
    • To develop an understanding of learning intervention strategies: what, why, when and how much?
    12:30pm-1:30pm    Lunch

    Session 2

    Aggression and irritability: Dealing with diagnostic uncertainty - ASD and beyond 

    • Dr Chidambaram Prakash: Principal Hospital Psychiatrist, Mental Health, RCH
    • Dr Fiona Zandt: Senior Clinical Psychologist, Specialist Autism Team, RCH and Private Practice
    • Dr Daryl Efron: Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, RCH
    • To understand the triggers and drivers of aggression in children, and develop a formulation that informs management
    • To understand rational prescribing goals in partnership with families and therapists

    Day two: Saturday 7 October 2017

    Time Session  Speakers Learning objectives
    9:15am-9:30am  Registration for Saturday-only attendees                                                    
    9:30am- 12:30pm

    Session 3

    NDIA and diagnosis based-funding: integrating health, education and disability priorities in order to optimise function and participation 

    • Associate Professor Jill Sewell: Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, RCH
    • Professor Lynn Gillam: Clinical Ethicist and Academic Director, Children's Bioethics Centre, RCH
    • Dr Kerry Bull: Senior Manager Services, Noah's Ark Inc
    • Ms Stephanie Gotlibb: Chief Executive Officer, Children and Young People with Disability Australia
    • Ms Lisa Clark: Practice Director, Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Splash Paediatric Therapy 
    • To develop an approach to working collaboratively to understand needs and maximise function
    • To understand effective advocacy tools to help families with accessing the NDIS
    • To understand the information needs of families as they transition to the NDIS
    12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch  

    Session 4

    ADHD and other externalising disorders: targeting assessment and intervention towards improving long term outcomes 

    • Dr Sarah Seth: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Mental Health, RCH
    • Associate Professor Gehan Roberts: Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, RCH
    • Ms Debby Chaves: School Principal, Beaumaris Secondary College
    • To develop an understanding of the 'good enough ADHD assessment'
    • To develop an approach to problem solving when the usual therapies don't work
    • To understand how to collaborate and communicate with teachers to improve classroom outcomes




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