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Looking after yourself as a busy practitioner: the importance of self-care

  • This workshop invites early years and health practitioners to explore emotional wellbeing and its impact on working effectively with families, children and colleagues.

    The workshop aims to support participants to reflect on and increase their understanding of:

    • the satisfaction and challenges of their work and how these affect their wellbeing
    • the qualities and skills required and the role of empathy in their work with families, children and colleagues
    • emotional wellbeing and the role it plays in being effective at work
    • strategies that can be used to maintain strong emotional wellbeing
    • how to embed self-care strategies into their working lives.

    Course outcome: Participants will have an awareness of the importance of emotional wellbeing and will consider strategies that will support them to work effectively within the human services sector.

    Cost: $190

    Duration: 9:30am-1:30pm

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