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Linking Schools and Early Years workshop

  • The Linking Schools and Early Years (LSEY) project found that what communities do (the activities) are important, but how they do it (the approach) is what makes the difference.

    LSEY is a community partnership approach that enables communities to develop stronger linkages and partnerships between schools, early years services, families and the community.

    Linking Schools and Early Years 

    This workshop will explore with participants the importance of a community partnership approach to provide a continuum of learning and support for children and their families throughout the early years.

    Facilitators will guide participants through building effective community partnerships and planning locally responsive strategies that engage children, families, educators and communities to maximise children arriving at school ready to engage with the learning opportunities offered.

    Who should attend? Early years and school educators and health practitioners supporting children and families to arrive at school ready to engage with learning. This course is most effective when members of a local early years partnership/network attend together. Alternatively, we can work with you to design and deliver a customised workshop around the needs of your early years partnership in your locality.

    Course outcome: Participants have the knowledge to develop and implement collaborative and locally responsive approaches to support a positive transition to school for children and families.

    Duration: 1 day, on request. For enquiries email


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