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Group facilitation

  • A two-day workshop to explore small group facilitation

    This workshop explores the notion of training through small group facilitation.  Its content is informed by the Family Partnership Model (Davis, Day, Bidmead, Centre for Parent and Child support, 2002).  It covers the various components ranging from content development to the dynamics of group facilitation.  It invites participants to engage in an exploration of the many facets of facilitation and reflect on the effects of different styles of facilitation.

    Participants will have an opportunity to observe and reflect on facilitation demonstrations, and to practise facilitation techniques themselves. They will also consider the powerful effect of subtle occurrences in a training environment that can both help and hinder the learning process.

    The facilitators of this course have extensive experience in facilitating training and small group processes in a number of settings with practitioners and parents.

    Course Outcome

    Participants have the knowledge and skills to begin working towards the design, planning and facilitation of small group training that reflects both adult learning principles and characteristics of a respectful partnership between facilitator and participant.

    Learning Objectives

    • To increase participant’s appreciation of the characteristics of facilitation that reflects partnership
    • To increase participants awareness of the skills and qualities of an effective facilitator
    • To increase participants understanding of the tools and techniques of facilitation that reflect adult learning principles
    • To increase participant’s awareness of the process of content development and planning for training facilitation
    • To increase participant’s awareness of the use of reflection as both a learning tool for participants and facilitators


    The content of the course will reflect the current framework of training practice employed by the Centre for Community Child Health and will explore the following themes:

    • The characteristics of facilitation from a partnership framework
    • Qualities and skills of an effective facilitator
    • The steps involved in planning and implementing small group facilitation
    • Barriers and enablers in facilitating small groups
    • Adapting to what we learn from reflection on our facilitation 

    This course will feel different to traditional professional development opportunities. Participants will be invited to engage in small group practice activities related to specific components of the course.

    Cost: $540

    Duration: 2 days

    Date:  Monday 3, Tuesday 4 June 2019 (2 days) 

    Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm (each day)  

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