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Difficult Conversations: How do we have them?

  • A common concern for practitioners working with parents of young children is how to enter into a conversation with families about what is perceived as a difficult topic. By popular demand, the Training and Development Team has developed a new workshop. Difficult conversations may arise in situations where there are concerns about a child’s development or behaviour, or where there is a clash in perspectives between a parent and a practitioner. This new course explores the context of these situations and the desired outcomes. It considers the skills and qualities required to enter into these conversations and reflects on how this might work in practice.

    Course Outcome: Participants are able to engage with parents in difficult conversations

    Learning Objectives:

    For participants to increase their awareness of:

    • the need for a trusted relationship as a basis for these conversations
    • the factors that accompany difficult conversations
    • the factors that enable or become barriers to these conversations
    • the qualities and skills required to work with parents effectively

    Cost: $190

    Duration: (1/2 day)    

    Dates: Thursday 19 March 2020

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    The workshop can be tailored to suit a range of practitioners and/or particular situations. It can be provided as a brief session (1½-2 hours), a half-day or one day workshop or a series of sessions.To find out more and enquire about this new workshop  contact us


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