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Infant Sleep Study

  • This trial aimed to find out whether a short Maternal and Child Health program could improve babies' sleep and mothers' wellbeing. The project began in 2003 when infants were 4 months old. Parents filled out the last questionnaire when children turned 2 in 2005. The children were re-enrolled into the Kids Sleep Study in 2009 when they were 6 years old.

    695 babies and their mothers from six Melbourne local government areas took part. At 7 months of age, 328 mothers (47%) said their baby had a sleep problem.   Of these mothers, two-thirds reported clinical levels of depression symptoms. Mothers who reported an infant sleep problem were randomly allocated to 2 groups.   The "intervention" group was offered a brief program with their Maternal and Child Health nurse where they learned ways to manage their infants' sleep.   Intervention nurses were trained to deliver the program. Other families were allocated to the "usual care" group. They didn't have extra visits with their nurse but could attend their routine checkups as usual.

    The program was successful in reducing children's sleep problems up to 1 year of age and maternal depression up to 2 years. Based on the findings, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has since trained of all Victorian Maternal and Child Health Nurses in the program. The study findings have also been used in the 'Baby Sleep' pages of the Raising Children Website ( which provides information for parents about children from 0-8 years.

    The Infant Sleep Study follows a highly successful efficacy study (publications included below). In 2010, the Infant Sleep Study won a Victorian Government Early Years Award.

    Methodology:    Randomised controlled trial 
    Date:    Start: 2003
        Finish: 2006
    Funding:    State Government Department
        National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
        The Pratt Foundation

        Assoc Prof Harriet Hiscock

        Dr Jordana Bayer

        Prof Melissa Wake


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    The Infant Sleep Study was preceded by a smaller efficacy trial, reported in the following publications

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