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    The Early Years Poster and Bookmark Series

    Target Audience: Childcare services, health and education sectors

    These resources promote the importance of the positive interactions that enhance babies' development and growth. Designed for display at child care, health and education settings.
    Series 1: 
    - Money can't buy the best toy for babies - it's you! 
    - Adults are the architects of baby's brain
    - Babies are born with the joy of learning

    Series 3:
    - Each child: unique from the start
    - Belonging - to family, culture, communities: the foundation for children's identity
    - Childhood: living, learning and being


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     Early childhood poster - Series 3, Poster 1  Early childhood poster - Series 3, Poster 2  Early childhood poster - Series 3, Poster 3

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    Caring for infants and toddlers

    Target Audience: Family Day Care schemes, Childcare services, Maternal and Child Health Nurses

    Each poster has a one-page information sheet for professionals to distribute to parents.

    Set 3 includes:
    Colourful posters promoting the themes of
    - the importance of parents and professionals working together 
    - providing opportunities for parents to share concerns 
    - parents knowing best about their child.

    Note: Sets 1 and 2 are no longer in stock.

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    Set 3


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