Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)

Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)

  • PEDS-R® – a revised version of PEDS

    We are excited to announce that the Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status-Revised® (PEDS-R®) will be released on 1 July 2024.

    PEDS-R® represents an update to PEDS®, incorporating two new questions and a revised scoring and interpretation process.

    From 1 July 2024 the current PEDS® will no longer be available in Australia from this website. For any queries on PEDS® please email us at

    Prepare yourself now for PEDS-R® by undertaking the tutorial and ordering the new PEDS-R® booklets. 

    Key dates for the transition to PEDS-R® 

    Now available: New PEDS-R® online self-paced tutorial.

    Now available: New PEDS-R® booklets.

    Coming in June 2024:

    • Updates to the RCH PEDS® website ahead of the launch of PEDS-R®.
    • Self-enrolment to the new PEDS-R® online, self-paced tutorial.
    • Ability to self-order packs of the new 4-page PEDS-R® booklet.

    Coming in July 2024: Launch of PEDS-R®.

    The new PEDS-R® online, self-paced tutorial

    The new PEDS-R® online self-paced tutorial is designed to accommodate both practitioners who have previously completed PEDS® training and practitioners who are new to PEDS® / PEDS-R®.

    The self-paced tutorial is the only training planned to be released as it covers existing and new practitioners.

    The tutorial provides comprehensive information on PEDS-R®, covering its background, usage and how to score and interpret parent or carer responses.

    About the tutorial

    Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours (including a 20-minute certification process).

    Cost: $165 (inc. GST) per participant. However, for anyone who has been certified in PEDS ® by the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children's Hospital in the 12 months prior to undertaking the new PEDS-R® tutorial, the tutorial and certification will be available at no charge.

    Location: Online.

    How to register: To register for the tutorial, email with the subject "PEDS-R® self-paced tutorial request" and add the participant's email address to the body of the email.

    Note: if you are registering several people, then please submit a spreadsheet with one valid participant email per row (we don’t require names)

    The new PEDS-R® booklet

    The new PEDS-R® is a four-page printed, perforated booklet comprising:

    • Directions
    • Response Form
    • Score Form
    • Interpretation Form
    • Practitioner Use section for recording current findings and action steps.

    You need a new PEDS-R® booklet each time you administer PEDS-R®.

    Cost: $77 (inc. GST) per pack of 50 booklets.

    Postage: $10.07 (inc. GST) for up to two packs per order and $13.39 (inc. GST) for up to five packs per order. If you are ordering more than five packs, we will advise you with your specific postage cost.

    How to order: Order by completing the PEDS-R® booklet order form and returning it to

    *** Download the PEDS-R® booklet order form***

    Retirement of PEDS®

    As a reminder, PEDS® forms, PEDS® training and PEDS® eLearning will no longer be available for sale from this website as of 1 July 2024.

    For any queries on PEDS® or PEDS-R®, please email us at