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Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)


  • PEDS can be used for research purposes. The following fees and conditions apply:

    • A one-off fee of $250 (ex GST) will be charged for projects funded from overall department funds, a university or individual funds.
    • A one-off fee of $500 (ex GST) will be charged for projects funded from commercial organisations, government or a registered charity.
    • PEDS forms must be purchased from the Centre for Community Child Health.  

    A PEDS in Research Sub-Licence Agreement must be completed before using PEDS in research. 

    For PEDS to provide useful data, the parent comments must be used in scoring PEDS (ie they cannot be left off a questionnaire or ignored when scoring). Clarification of concerns is also important, and PEDS is best scored and interpreted by a trained administrator at the time of administration when items can be discussed with the parent(s).

    To find out more about using PEDS in your research please contact us

    Survey PEDS

    For large population health surveys, Dr Glascoe has adapted the usual clinical PEDS tool to produce Survey PEDS. This has close-ended questions that are answered without any room for comment, which reduces the validity. The scoring system stratifies children into high, moderate, low or no risk of developmental delays. Survey PEDS is not appropriate for identification of the risk of individual children clinically, but it can be useful for large surveys to gain insight into the proportion of children at risk of developmental delay. 

    To find out more about using Survey PEDS in your research please contact us

    PEDS in research 

    PEDS has been used in a wide variety of research studies to screen children’s development, either as a means of determining eligibility for a particular study or as an outcome measure.

    See examples of PEDS in research.

    Early childhood development and early detection

    Dr Frances Page Glascoe has co-authored a book titled 'Identifying and Addressing Developmental-Behavioral Problems: A Practical Guide for Medical and Non-medical Professionals, Trainees, Researchers and Advocates' ISBN 9781 7600 19822 This is a valuable resource for practitioners wanting to understand early childhood development and early detection.  For more information on how to order this book contact us