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Sleep clinic

  • About the clinic

    The Sleep Clinic is at the Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital. Children from infancy to adolescents under the age of 18 are evaluated for all types of sleep problems.

    The clinic has links to medical and surgical ENT services at RCH and The Melbourne Children's Sleep Unit at Monash Medical Centre.

    Patients are bulk billed for their consultations and therefore will need a referral letter from their local doctor or paediatrician. 

    About sleep problems

    Up to one third of families have concerns about their child's sleeping patterns which can have a major impact on the performance of the child at home and school, and on family functioning.

    Problems seen include:

    • Bedtime difficulties and frequent night time waking 
    • Obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring and breathing difficulties 
    • Night terrors, sleep walking, and other parasomnias
    • Night time anxiety
    • Sleep disturbances in developmentally disabled children
    • Insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders
    • Excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy
    • Periodic limb movement disorder.

    Clinic staff include consultant paediatricians, senior paediatric trainees and clinic coordinators. There may be teaching and research activities in the clinic.

    Sleep studies

    When a sleep study is required, this is arranged at the Melbourne Children's Sleep Centre, based at Monash Medical Centre.

    Patients are followed up back in the Sleep Clinic with the sleep study results.

    Make an appointment

    To make an appointment for this clinic, a referral from the child's doctor needs to be forwarded to the Community Child Health Specialist Clinic.

    Forward a referral to the clinic via:

    Fax: (03) 9345 5034 or

    Phone: (03) 9345 6180

    Please note:

    • You must have a referral from a doctor. Please note that a referral from your GP is valid for 12 months and a referral from a specialist is valid for three months. This must be forwarded to the clinic before an appointment can be made.
    • You will be asked if the child has a UR number (Unit Record Number) from The Royal Children's Hospital. If the child has attended The Royal Children's Hospital before, they will have a UR number. If the child has not attended The Royal Children's Hospital before, registration details will be completed at the first visit.

    Contact Clinics

    All clinics are held at the Specialist Clinics of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.  

    Visit the Specialist Clinics page for more information.


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