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Helping your child to move and exercise: 5-8 years

  •  Movement and exercise – parents of 5-8  year old children

    Most kids love to play and be active. Having good physical activity routines from a young age can help your child to live a healthy and happy life.

    How much exercise does my child need?
    Children aged 5-8 years should do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, spread throughout each day.

    That sounds like a lot, but it can be in little chunks of time.


    • spending active time together—make time to cycle, play frisbee and walk, and try activities that might be a little further afield like camping and bushwalking
    • involving your child in household chores like preparing food or gardening.
    Some kids just don’t seem to be interested in physical activity. If that sounds like your child:

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    • Be active yourself and your child will follow your lead.
    • Help them to start small and build from there in intensity, frequency and duration.
    • Brainstorm with your child about what physical activities they can do instead of watching television and playing computer games.

    More information

    You will find more helpful information on the Australian Government’s A Healthy and Active Australia website, and the Raising Children Network website. If more help is needed please consult your family doctor or paediatrician.


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