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Asthma—families of 5-8 year old children

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    If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, a good asthma management plan is an important part of helping them to live their life with well managed asthma. Your child’s asthma management plan should be created with the health professionals who manage and monitor your child’s condition and communicated to everyone involved in your child’s care.

    It’s important to keep your child’s plan up to date so it reflects any changes in their condition, known triggers, or medication.

    Your child’s asthma management plan helps you to ensure that everyone knows when there’s an increased risk of your child experiencing an asthma attack and what to do if that happens.

    As your child gets older, they are likely to want to take a more active role in managing their asthma. Having asthma shouldn’t stop most children from taking part in all of their normal childhood activities; making sure that your child’s asthma management plan is clear and up to date is an important part of helping your child to enjoy a normal, active childhood.

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    The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne has lots of great asthma resources, including an asthma management plan generator to share with all those involved in the child’s care.

    The Raising Children Network has a comprehensive series of evidence-based articles on asthma.

    There are two national bodies for asthma, National Asthma Council, and Asthma Australia. Both offer a wealth of online information for children and adults.

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