Research staff

  • Laboratory research staff

    Dr. Paul Ekert

    Dr. Elizabeth Algar

    Elizabeth Algar

    Senior Research Fellow 
    Major interests: Molecular Oncology Diagnostics and Cancer Genetics

    Dr. Ngaire Elwood, PhD

    Ngaire Elwood

    Head, Leukaemia Research Fund Stem Cell Laboratory 
    Research Interests: Leukaemia, Cord Blood Stem Cells, Telomerase

    Dr. Deni A. Caruso

    Denise Caruso

    Research Officer 
    Tumour Immunology Lab 
    Major interests: Dendritic cells, tumour immunology, neuroblastoma and brain tumours

    Clinical research coordinators

    Clinical Research Co-ordinators work behind the scenes to facilitate the availability of clinical trials to our patients. They ensure that all of the human ethics committee's requirements are fulfilled, verify protocol compliance, liaise with trial sponsors and collect and disseminate data needed to answer the questions asked for the clinical trials being offered at the Centre.