Children's Cancer Centre

Parents advisory group

  • About us

    The Children’s Cancer Centre Parent Advisory Group (PAG), commonly called PAG, is made up of a number of parents or carers of babies, children or adolescents who are, or have been, treated for cancer or a haematological disease.  Sometimes, children receive treatments commonly given to cancer patients, without themselves being diagnosed with cancer. Senior staff members representing the various disciplines of care that make up the CCC are also members of the PAG. The chair of the group is always a parent.

    The PAG is devoted to continually improving the care provided to all babies, children and adolescents suffering from cancer, or who otherwise receive treatment in the CCC.  We are guided by the principles of Patient and Family Centred Care which include; dignity and respect, information sharing, collaboration and participation.

    What we do

    • We listen and respond to feedback from families whose children are receiving treatment in the CCC, and other relevant facilities.
    • We promote opportunities for positive partnerships between families and hospital staff.
    • We participate in the ongoing development and improvement of clinical services within the CCC community.
    • We focus on initiatives that can be taken by the CCC in minimising the suffering experienced by patients and their families, and in promoting recovery and healing.  We do so in part by addressing the issues and needs expressed to us by patients and their families, and when necessary, pursuing these matters through the forums available within the wider Hospital. PAG
    • We actively seek input from particular groups’ i.e. rural families, adolescents, culturally and linguistically diverse families, and community support organisations, as appropriate.

    How we operate

    • Monthly meetings are held, usually at the Royal Children's Hospital.
    • PAG members can meet outside the regular meetings to follow up items.
    • Liaise with relevant CCC staff members to communicate and obtain progress updates on    initiatives.
    • Seek constant feedback from patients, carers and staff to document and positively influence the delivery of care by the CCC.
    • Report achievements, improvements as well as issues and challenges via various mediums, including this website.

    Our team

    Our team consists of parents and CCC staff members who care about and wish to improve the care provided to our children.  The parent members of the PAG have personal experience of living with and caring for children undergoing treatment in the CCC.

      Would you like to join our team?

      If you have experience as a parent or carer of a child who has undergone treatment or is currently being treated at the CCC; You may be an ideal candidate to join the PAG.

      The PAG invites parents or carers of current or former patients of the CCC to join the Group.  We seek Parent Members from a wide range of social, economic and cultural backgrounds, to fully reflect the diversity within the backgrounds of our children.  The parents or carers of patients who undergo treatment in the CCC accumulate a wealth of experience in coping with the serious illness of their child.  They have a great deal to contribute in assisting the parents or carers of current CCC patients by making use of their own experience as the carers of sick children, and also by making use of their other professional experiences in disciplines such as nursing, education, community services, law, counselling, management, finance, hospitality, full-time parenting, volunteer work, and so on.

      If you are interested in joining our team please contact: 

      Mary McGowan

      Children's Cancer Centre Community Liaison Manager
      Phone: 9345-4855