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Carers network

Children's Cancer Centre Carers Network

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    About us

    The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC) Carers Network brings the parents, families, carers, cancer and haematological disease survivors and RCH staff together to work on the shared goal of achieving the best outcomes and experiences for children and young people receiving care. 

    Children and young people receiving care face many challenges in having their voice heard during their care experience. The network of parents, families and carers who surround them are uniquely placed to support, articulate and amplify children and young people's needs whilst they receive expert care from the RCH's world-leading paediatric team.

    Formerly called the 'Parent Advisory Group', the CCC Carers Network is always chaired by a family member and is guided by the principles of Patient and Family Centred Care. These include dignity and respect, information, sharing, participation and collaboration.

    Our vision

    The Royal Children's Hospital Children’s Cancer Centre Carers Network works together with patients, families and carers so children and young people achieve the best care outcomes and experiences.

    Our objectives

    The CCC Carers Network ensures the voices of children and young people are heard by:

    • Cultivating a culture of support amongst parents, families, and carers
    • Providing parents, families and carers with the knowledge and confidence they need to advocate for their child or young person as they navigate through the health system
    • Building trust and a strong, mutually beneficial and ongoing partnership between those delivering and those receiving care
    • Providing the RCH with feedback on, and advocacy for, the needs of children, young people, parents, families and carers to inform the design and delivery of care.

    The CCC Carers Network supports children and young people's voices to be heard by acting as a bridge between their parents, families and carers and their health care workforce.

    For further information about our role and purpose please refer to our CCC Carers Network Terms of Reference

    Why contact the CCC Carers Network

    There are several reasons why people affected by cancer or a haematological disease, may like to reach out to the CCC Carers Network:

    • Speak with a parent, carer or survivor who has been there before and can relate to your experience
    • Provide feedback (anonymously if preferred) that we can share on your behalf to help your family or others
    • Get help navigating the healthcare system, which can be confusing and complex and connect you with available support services
    • Find out the best way to resolve issues or raise concerns
    • Receive support through facilitated conversations with RCH CCC staff.

    How we operate 

    • We hold bi-monthly meetings (except over school holidays), either via video conference or at the RCH. 
    • Members may meet outside the regular meetings to action initiatives and activities. 
    • We liaise with relevant CCC staff members to communicate and obtain progress updates on initiatives.
    • We visit wards (when we can) and seek constant feedback from patients, carers and staff to document and positively influence the delivery of care by the CCC. 
    • We report on achievements and improvements, as well as issues and challenges, via various mediums including this website. 

    Further information

    If you have any questions or you are interested in becoming involved with the Carers Network, please email .