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Day Cancer Care

  • Location

    The Day Oncology Unit is located on level 2 West Building – Day Cancer Specialist Clinic Reception E 
    Please take the green lifts and turn right  
    Opening hours are Monday – Friday 0800-18:30 and Saturday 0800-1630 
    An appointment is required and should be made in consultation with your child's Dr and/or Nurse Coordinator.

    About Us

    The Day Oncology unit comprises of 12 treatment chairs, 3 treatment rooms and 3 isolation rooms. Your child may attend the Day Oncology unit for the following reasons: 

    • Day chemotherapy administration (where an inpatient ward admission is not required and the duration of treatment falls within our opening hours) 
    • Central line dressings and Central line blood tests
    • Blood Transfusions
    • Drug Infusions
    • Nitrous Sedation
    • Nasogastric Tube Insertion
    • Home Hydration


    Day Cancer Specialist Clinic Reception E now has a pathology collection service to take your child's bloods prior to their Dr's appointment 
    The pathology collector is available Monday-Friday 0830-11:30AM
    You will be required to notify the reception staff upon checking in for your child's Dr and/or Day Oncology appointment if they require the pathology service
    If your child requires pathology collection after 11:30 you will be required to attend the pathology collection service on the ground floor specialist clinic A6 
    If your child has a central line (excluding a port) please discuss with the Day Oncology nurses the best way to proceed with blood collection 

    What to expect when receiving chemotherapy in the Day Oncology Unit

    1. When you arrive to the Day Cancer Specialist Clinic Reception E desk it is important you check in to both your child's Dr’s appointment and Day Oncology appointment with the reception staff. Please note that both appointments have a time allocated and there is a minimum of 1 hour between appointment times - you will not be seen until your allocated time. This is to allow enough time for the chemotherapy to be made and checked by Pharmacy and Day Oncology Nursing staff (there is the option to have your child's Dr's appointment the day prior to treatment in the Day Oncology Unit which will significantly decrease wait times. If this is something you are interested in, please discuss this with your Dr and the Day Oncology Nurses) 

    2. The reception is where you will also check-in for your child's pathology bloods if required prior to 11:30am (blood results can take 1+ hours depending on the daily demand therefore it is recommended you ensure enough time is left between your child’s blood test and Dr’s appointment) 

    3. You and your child will then attend the Dr's appointment and if your child is ready to commence chemotherapy treatment the Dr will sign off the chemotherapy treatment plan on the electronic medical record (if the blood results are not back when you see the Dr they may have to wait for these results before they sign off the chemotherapy – please note this may cause a delay). It is important to request a pathology slip from the Dr for your child's next appointment 

    4. Once the chemotherapy is signed off by the Dr the pharmacy department are automatically notified and begin to make the medication. Some chemotherapy is pre-made however most chemotherapy is required to be made on the day once the Dr signs off the treatment plan. The time in which this takes can vary depending on the type of chemotherapy and the demand of pharmacy on the day 

    5. Whilst waiting for the chemotherapy to be made if your child has a port-a-cath it is important to check in to the Day Oncology Nurses who will apply numbing cream if required (this takes 40-60 minutes to take affect). You will then be asked to wait in the waiting room

    6. Once the chemotherapy has been made and pharmacy have completed their checks the Day Oncology Nurses are notified and also perform their checks. You will then be called into the Day Oncology Unit once a treatment room/chair becomes available. Depending on your child's type of central venous access device will depend on the procedure required to administer the chemotherapy e.g. if your child has a port we will be required to access their port first (please notify nursing staff if your child requires comfort first services

    7. Each chemotherapy administration time will vary – please discuss this with your Dr and/or the Day Oncology Nurses who will be able to provide you with an estimated time of duration 

    Oncology Fast Track Clinic

    The Oncology Fast Track (OFT) clinic is designed to support children and their families during a child’s cancer treatment at The Royal Children’s Hospital (while receiving chemotherapy and up to 12 months after a stem cell transplant). 
    If your child displays side effects from treatment and you are concerned, you can call the OFT nurse to get advice or support about how to manage your child at home or discuss whether they may need to come into hospital (it is essential to call prior to presenting to the clinic).

    Phone: 03 9345 4545 (select option 1)

    *please note due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic if your child has any respiratory symptoms please notify the OFTC nurse upon calling* 

    The OFT clinic operates during the following hours: 
    Monday-Friday: 0800-1830 
    Saturday: 0800-1630 

    Outside of these hours it is recommended to call the Kookaburra ward for advice or present straight to the RCH Emergency Department or to your local emergency department 

    Link to the Oncology Fast Track Clinic Kids Health Information Fact Sheet

    Contact Us

    Phone Number: 03 9345 4545

    After dialing, please select the option that best suits your needs and your call will be directed to the appropriate area

    Option 1: Oncology Fast Track (urgent medical related enquiry) 
    Option 2: Oncology specialist clinic appointments 
    Option 3: Day Cancer treatment appointments 
    Option 4: Nurse coordinator assistance 
    Option 5: Kookaburra Ward 
    Option 6: Oncology Pharmacy (pharmacy related enquiries)